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Chesopiean : a Journal of North American Archaeology

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The Chesopiean Library of Archaeology


The Chesopiean: A Journal of North American Archaeology, official publication of 'The Chesopean Library of Archaeology", presents new discoveries and papers of interest to students and scholars of the archaeological, anthropological, ethnological and historical problems of the North American continent. Papers and article published herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors.

The August, 1963 The Chesopiean emblem was first printed and has not changed over the past fifty-three years. It is our permanent emblem, below is what is stands for as printed in the Chesopiean, Vol 1 No 4, August of 1963:

"The Helmet is the helmet of the early colonist or explorers, it represents the earliest of the Historic-French, English, Dutch and Spanish. Insert on the helmet is the fluted point. It represents the earliest of man in North America - the Paleo Man. Like both the explorer and the Paleo man, we too, are searching for the unknown.

To the right is the trowel, which represents our search into the earth. Across the top is our quill pen, with which we record and report our discoveries, with these instruments lies the secrets of the ages, waiting to be brought to the attention of science.

The emblem design was made by the late Floyd Painter, Norfolk Archaeologist (text by Jerome Trader, Archaeologist and our first editor)


The Chesopian Library of Archaeology is a non-profit organization
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